Interesting Facts About Hotels

feature-3Do you the first hotel that opens this kind of service are wayback to a long long time ago from the start of civilisation? If you are not yet amazed let Us check more amazing and interesting about one of the oldest accommodations we know. Continue Reading →

How to Earn on Hotel Bookings

feature-2Do you know that you can earn referral fees on hotel bookings? not all hotels are offering this kind of service but with this age of internet marketing and word of mouth still working you can earn with the help of social media and other mediums to earn through referrals. Continue Reading →

How to Look for Cheap Hotels with Quality Service

feature-1Cheap or Low price hotels doesn’t mean they won’t provide quality service at all, as the saying goes “customers are always right” also means every customers deserves a quality service no matter how high or low the price of the accommodation is. Continue Reading →